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At National Wholesale Co., Inc. (“National”, “us”, “our”, “we”), the comfort and satisfaction of our customers (“you”, “your”, “users”) is our top priority, from our products offered to your peace of mind. As you’re aware, privacy and rights are of ongoing importance, so we respect yours as we would our own and may update this Policy from time to time. It will live at this same location on our website (“site”, “store”). In this Privacy Policy, you’ll learn about your rights and choices, what data we collect, and how and why we may use, share, and/or store your personal information.


Your rights and choices – (Additional rights apply to residents of California; to view those, click here).

As a National® customer, we retain some or all of the information you provide to us in order to serve you better and operate more efficiently. You may request that we update or delete your information from our systems by e-mailing us or calling us toll-free at 1 (800) 480-4673. Please note that if we’re attempting to process your order, payment, or return, attempting to do so may interfere or not be possible during those times.


You can choose to opt out of receiving our marketing e-mails. Upon providing us with your e-mail address, you’ll automatically be entered on our list to receive our marketing communications, such as offers and notifications about special events. To opt out, just click the “Unsubscribe” link located in the footer of such e-mails (you’ll still receive important correspondence regarding your order).


Upon creating an account, it is up to you to choose a strong password (difficult to guess, contains a mixture of capitalized and uncapitalized letters, numbers, and symbols, and not used for any other website). For additional security, it’s generally advised to log out of your account and close the window used when finished. Password resets may be requested at any time by contacting us at


 What do we collect? How do we collect it?



  • Personal Information

We collect the personal information you choose to give us at the time you proceed to place an order. Only what’s needed to process your order is requested. This includes your name, mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address.


  •  Payment Information

To pay online, you’ll need to provide your payment card information for each transaction, as we don’t store it on file. To that regard, our online shop operates only on verifiably secure web pages so that any payment transactions made are encrypted. (Never send any payment card or sensitive information via e-mail; we do not request you to do so.)



  • Cookies 

Like most shopping websites, we use cookies that automatically collect data which enable us to continue to provide a positive, efficient shopping experience for our customers. Cookies are small files transferred from a web browser to the hard drive that track and gather various types of user information and data about how a website’s accessed and used. Usage information we collect via cookies may include things such as:


  • the way you navigate our site
  • the amount of time spent on our site
  • the products or types of products that you search for, click on, add to cart, and/or purchase.


Cookies may also collect other non-personally identifiable information such as the type of browser, device, operating system (i.e. Mac or Windows) you’re using, your device’s IP address, demographic information, order total amounts, and referring platforms or domains. This information is useful, as it allows us to:


  • send automatic follow-up correspondence regarding your order
  • show you more relevant products that may be of interest to you on our site or across the internet
  • gain marketing insights
  • better understand the way our website is used to make meaningful improvements for our customers.


Cookies we use are also purposed to assist with user experience (i.e. remembering what’s in your cart) and account security (remembering if you’re logged in from page to page). You have the freedom to examine your cookies and to disable them partially or entirely in your web browser’s settings or preferences (note that doing so will likely limit our website’s capabilities and performance).


  • Miscellaneous

We may collect information about you in other reasonable ways not specifically described in this Policy. For example, if you contact us with any questions, feedback, suggestions, or submit any additional information not outlined here, we may maintain that as a business record (any reviews or feedback submitted to us can be used by us without dues or restriction).


When might my information be shared?

National® may share your name and mailing address with other reputable companies whose products may be of interest to you. If you’d prefer they not be shared, please let us know by contacting us.


We will share your information to the extent required by any legal proceedings. Your information is subject to the laws and policies of your state, though we may not necessarily exercise those.


We collaborate with third party service and analytics providers to assist with various services of our website; they may also use cookies to improve their services. While we hold them to the same privacy standards as we do ourselves, they have their own privacy policies which we are not responsible for.


Please be aware that any ratings or reviews you decide to leave on our website are viewable by the public. For that reason, we advise you use with care and not include any sensitive information.


What don’t we do?

We will never knowingly request personally identifiable information from anyone under the age of 13, consistent with the Federal Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), and request that such information not be provided to us.


Any links appearing on National’s website that redirect the user to an external site are provided for convenience or informative purposes, so we don’t attempt to collect any personal information any non-affiliated website may acquire. We are not responsible for any non-affiliated websites’ content, procedures, terms of use, or privacy policies.


National® does not sell your phone number or e-mail address to anyone.



The trust of our customers is something we value and take great pride in. If there’s anything you feel we could do to improve your experience or you’d like to offer feedback, we invite you to contact us.


By using this website, you consent to the collection and use of your information as described in this Policy.


Thank you for choosing to shop National®.

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