Timeless Classics

Our collection of legacy styles represents a timeless aesthetic that transcends trends and fads, and provides a foundation for effortless elegance and sophistication. Here you will find a complete line of our legacy styles all in one section, making it easy for you to browse and select the pieces that speak to you. Our selection includes essential pieces such as blouses, skirts, dresses, cardigans, and pants, all designed with impeccable attention to detail and quality. They are pieces that you will wear and cherish for years to come, as they never go out of style. Whether you're building a capsule wardrobe or looking for a few key pieces to elevate your existing collection, our Timeless Classics have everything you need.

  1. Carolyn Blouse by ShopNational Sky Blue
    Carolyn Blouse
  2. National Printed Carolyn Blouse
    Printed Carolyn Blouse
  3. UltraSofts Flat Front Pants
    Flat-Front Pants
  4. Boucle Cardigan Sweater by National
    Boucle Cardigan Sweater
    $51.95 Special Price $25.95
  5. Solid Camp Shirt
    Solid Camp Shirt
  6. Donnkenny Print Camp Shirt by National
    Print Camp Shirt
  7. Donnkenny Elastic-Waist Gabardine Pull-On Pants
    Comfort Waist Classic Pants
  8. Easy Spirit® Devitt Loafers Black
    Devitt Loafers
  9. Multi Print Top by National
    Multi Print Top
  10. Denim Capri Pants
    Denim Capri Pants
  11. Classic Cardigan Sweater
    Classic Cardigan Sweater
    $41.95 Special Price $20.95
  12. Classic Sweater Vest
    Classic Sweater Vest
    $37.95 Special Price $18.95
  13. Clip-on Hoop Earrings
    Clip-on Hoop Earrings
  14. Short Sleeve Mock Top
    Short Sleeve Mock Top
    $23.95 Special Price $11.95
  15. UltraSofts Sleeveless Mock Neck Light Purple
    Sleeveless Mock Top
  16. Skirt
  17. Berri Shoes
    Berri Shoes
  18. Button-Front Knit Cardigan
    Button-Front Knit Cardigan
    $34.95 Special Price $17.95
  19. Knit Tank
    Knit Tank
    $22.95 Special Price $11.95
  20. UltraSofts Knit Tee
    Knit Tee
  21. UltraSofts® Pedal Pusher Pants
    Pedal Pusher Pants
  22. Flexus by Spring Step Nyaman Sandals
    Nyaman Sandals
    $89.95 Special Price $71.95
  23. Roll Sleeve Tee by Ultrasofts
    Roll Sleeve Tee
    $32.95 Special Price $16.95
  24. UltraSofts Knit Shorts
    Knit Shorts
    $24.95 Special Price $12.95
  25. Breezy Drawstring Hat Navy
    Breezy Drawstring Hat
  26. Ultrasofts 3/4 Sleeve Knit Polo Whispering Pink
    3/4-Sleeve Knit Polo
    $30.95 Special Price $15.95
  27. UltraSofts Elastic-Waist Interlock Pull-On Pants
    Elastic-Waist Interlock Pull-On Pants
    $30.95 Special Price $15.95
  28. Packable Cotton Hat
    Packable Cotton Hat
  29. UltraSofts® Women's Short Sleeve Polo
    Short Sleeve Polo
  30. Ultrasofts Capri Pants
    Crop Pants
    $32.95 Special Price $16.95
  31. Heathered Fleece Pullover by National
    Heathered Fleece Pullover
    $34.95 Special Price $17.95
  32. National Heathered Fleece Hoodie Pale Yellow
    Heathered Fleece Hoodie
    $42.95 Special Price $21.95
  33. Heathered Fleece Pants by National
    Heathered Fleece Pants
    $30.95 Special Price $27.95
  34. Shawl Collar Sweatshirt
    Shawl Collar Sweatshirt
    $39.95 Special Price $36.95